5 Tips When Looking for a Johnson County Cash Home Buyer

5 Tips When Looking for a Johnson County Cash Home Buyer

If you’ve never worked with a Johnson County cash home buyer, there are a few things you should know. Every day people are choosing to sell their homes for cash over the more standard method of listing. But, like anything that starts to become more popular, there are going to be people looking to make a fast dollar with no regard to what’s best for the seller.

5 Tips When Looking for a Johnson County Cash Home Buyer

Anyone who has been through the process of selling a home knows how stressful it can be. More and more people are taking charge of the way they sell their houses. Don’t make the decision lightly on who you choose to work with. Here are some things to look for when trying to choose your cash home buyer:

  • Do They Have a History?

When you are looking for a Johnson County cash home buyer make sure you do your due diligence. Look them up online to find out what you can. Check their website and also look for independent forums and reviews.

You should be able to tell right away if they have been around for a longer period of time or are brand new. A new company isn’t necessarily a red flag, but, old or new, make sure you ask for references you can personally speak with. It’s not a good sign if a company acts hesitant or can’t provide you with references.

  • Where Are They?

Find out where they are located. If they have a 1-800 number and post office box, then be leery. Your best option for a Johnson County cash home buyer should be located in the Kansas City metro area so that you know you are working with someone who is an expert on your specific market.

You can call them and ask where they’re located. If they tell you they are local, make sure you confirm that information. If they are vague about their location, it would be smart to give them a pass.

  • When Looking for a Johnson County Cash Home Buyer: Are They Part of Any Local Associations?

Besides being able to provide references, the most reputable companies will be part of one or more local associations such as the Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau. This information should be on their website and you can also ask about it. Be aware that people will falsely claim to be registered so be sure to double-check with the Chamber or BBB to verify what you’ve been told.

Some cash home buyers are also Realtors which can be verified by calling or searching the online database of Realtors for your State Real Estate Commission. The website for Kansas is Verification (ks.gov).

To verify you’re dealing with a legitimate company, you can do an online business entity search with the Secretary of State in the state where the company is registered. The website for Kansas is Kansas Business Entity Search.  Make sure the status of the company on the website is “Active and In Good Standing”.

  • Don’t Pay Anything

If your Johnson County cash home buyer asks you for money upfront, they are absolutely a scam! One of the biggest draws for homeowners is the ability to sell their homes as-is. There shouldn’t be any money needed from the seller to do anything. You contact the cash home buyer, they make you an offer, and then you have the option to accept, decline, or make them a counter. Shortly after agreeing on a price, you will be able to close. No funds should ever be paid out of pocket by the seller prior to closing. It is customary for the seller to have some closing expenses which the title company pays for you out of your proceeds after your sale closes. There will almost always be a small closing fee payable to the title company ($150-250), a recording fee payable to the County Recording Department for your deed (usually under $50), and county property taxes/HOA fees prorated up to the day of closing. There should never be any origination or other fees which will be payable to your cash home buyer at closing. Always ask on the first phone call if there will be any fees and look over your settlement statement closely before signing for any hidden fees.

  • Make Sure To Get An Actual Signed Contract and Proof of Funds

The most legitimate cash home buyers will be able to provide you with a professional contract and proof of funds showing they have at or above the amount needed to close in their bank account. Ask that the proof of funds accompany their offer or, at the latest, that it’s provided before you sign the contract. Never sign a contract without confirming they have the funds available. The most guaranteed sale you can have is one with cash available vs an investor that needs to use financing.

The contract should state your agreed-upon price and close date and that it’s an as-is cash sale. The contract isn’t binding until all parties have signed so make sure you get a fully executed copy.

Proof of funds can be in the form of a letter from the bank where the account is held or a screenshot of an account or bank statement showing the needed balance. Make sure the proof of funds has a recent date on it.

Johnson County Cash Home Buyers

Take the pressure off worrying about finding the right cash home buyer. When you sell to Black Door Signature Homes, we make sure you have a stress-free experience from the moment of your first call. We’re a husband/wife team and when you call, it will be one of us that you speak with and we’ll be the ones who come to look at your house. You’ll never have to deal with working with anyone but us! We can provide you with multiple references, we’re BBB approved, and Brandi is a licensed Realtor and Appraiser in KS and MO. We always provide proof of funds and our contracts are the same ones that get used in traditional sales.

It’s quick and easy and you don’t have to do anything. We will make you an offer and it’s up to you what happens after that.

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