What Do I Need to Show a Real Estate Wholesaler to Prove I Am a Qualified Buyer?

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Before diving into what you should present to prove you’re a qualified buyer, it’s vital to understand the wholesaler’s mindset first. Real estate wholesalers are in the game of ‘turn and burn.’ They’re not looking to hold onto properties for long. The faster they can sell a property, the better. If they have multiple offers, the terms of your financing and the speed of your closing could be the deciding factors.

The Importance of Proof of Funds

One thing you can’t escape when dealing with wholesalers is the proof of funds. A repeated recommendation, showing your proof of funds demonstrates not just your interest but your capacity to close the deal.

Speed is the Name of the Game

Real estate wholesaling is a fast-paced industry. Wholesalers love buyers who can close quickly. If a wholesaler has multiple buyers with similar offers, they’re always going to go with the one who has bulletproof financing and can close promptly. This ensures they move the properties quickly, working in volume rather than waiting for the occasional big score.

Quick Closings and Reliable Financing

Very quick closings are a massive advantage in this game. If you’re competing with several others who offer roughly the same amount, demonstrating that you have phenomenal financing can set you apart. Essentially, it’s all about ensuring the wholesaler that your end of the deal is solid and won’t fall through at the last minute.

Building Trust Is Key

Wholesalers, especially smaller operations, value genuine interactions. For many, when they say you’re dealing with them, they mean it. You might be speaking directly to the owners, like a husband and wife team. So, while they have software to backtrack and verify buyers, establishing trust from the start can save both you and the wholesaler time. Speak their language, be transparent, and let your genuine interest shine.

Cutting Through the Noise

In such a fast-paced industry, wholesalers don’t have time for those who aren’t serious. If someone’s wasting their time, they’ll cut ties quickly and move on. Hence, being forthright and showing your seriousness right from the start can set a positive trajectory for your dealings.

Understanding the Wholesaling Process

When wholesalers close on a property, they hit the ground running. Sometimes properties come with possessions, especially inherited homes. Wholesalers may offer these properties as-is, intending to empty them later. This volume approach means they’re looking for many small wins rather than occasional big ones.

Dealing with Difficult Situations

Wholesalers often deal with challenging situations, like sellers in financial trouble or those going through divorces. These sellers might be in a hurry due to their circumstances. Wholesalers try their best to offer a helping hand, reassuring sellers that everyone makes mistakes and their primary goal is to benefit both parties.


If you’re looking to prove to a real estate wholesaler that you’re a qualified buyer, it boils down to trust, speed, and evidence of funds. Understand their perspective, show your proof of funds, demonstrate your quick closing ability, and build trust. If you need further guidance or have more questions on this process, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help!